A property finder

Who is

a property finder

A Property Finder is a personal consultant who works exclusively for those who want to purchase or lease a property.
He is a qualified professional commissioned by a client who demands a top quality service. He has a refined ability to listen and understand a client’s needs, and from the beginning, focuses on those properties that have the right characteristics.
A Property Finder works exclusively in the interest of his/her client and guarantees the best quality service with experienced knowledge of the property market together with a large network of contacts around the region. All of this permits an amplified area of research of the property market which includes private properties, houses or premises under auction as well as that area of the market which is less accessible and to which the Property Finder can assess ulterior information.

How he works

a property finder

A Property Finder does just one thing and that’s at the highest level: find the right property for each individual client..  Why, because everyone is different and therefore should be treated as such, respecting their individuality and satisfying their desire of a dream property.

A Property Finder’s work starts with a meeting to understand and analyse the client’s various and specific needs, wants and preferences.  These also  include financial and economic aspects, with the participation, when necessary, of specialist partners.

The client can sit back and relax while the Property Finder undertakes the necessary research.  He/She can save precious time right up to the date when He/She is contacted to view the perfect property which has been found for him/her.

How to identify

a property finder

DESIDERARE(®) is the first and only network of Property Finding groups, in Italy, united under the same logo, who share a very effective and advanced method of operation.  A selected number of professionals who are capable of finding a dream house (if that be!).  They are quite forthright and competent in assisting one (client) along the road of compromise or solution, ensuring one focuses on the needs and desires which really count.

The Property Finder doesn’t make promises which cannot be maintained, and doesn’t try to convince a client to purchase a certain property.  He/She is simply a guide for ones desires.

first of all


Via Skype or in front of a cup of tea, complete a specific client analysis to understand and guide them to their desired property.



Thanks to a network of business contacts around Tuscany, and in particular along the Etruscan coast, we are able to carry out targeted research of a client’s specified needs.


After sales

Follow the whole process, renovation work, management of utilities, building maintenance and a good solid relationship with other professionals to give the client the best: tranquility.

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