My story

Coming from Prague, a city where I was born and grew up, meant breathing and experiencing the beauty around me.
Immersed in one of the most varied artistic cities in the world, I developed without realizing a particular sensibility to the architectural forms that surrounded me, from art nouveau to baroque, from cubism to gothic, to neoclassical and ultramodern.

All of these aspects – which I came to realise later – would have a profound influence on my professional life as an estate agent and property finder. Yes, because this attitude to “beauty”, to the diversity of shapes and styles, led me to choose Italy as my second home. First Milan, at the age of 18, and then to Florence, and finally to the Etruscan Coast, an area rich in history and charm, between the sea and the hills, in the heart of Tuscany.

I have been a real estate agent since 1996, specializing in property finding and I am affiliated with Desire Property Finding, the first and only network that unites a group of professionals under the same brand and which utilizes a truly effective operating methodology.

This group is often hosted on television broadcasts and works in close collaboration with some television sets as a reference point for finding valuable properties to be used in the various broadcasts.

My skills have led me to a market sector in which I feel at home, namely the sale of luxury and prestigious properties. I work in close contact with Italian and International estate agencies.